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City And Colour – Northern Wind lyrics

You're the Northern Wind
Sending shivers down my spine
You're like falling leaves
In an autumn night

You're the lullaby
That's singing me to sleep
You are the other half
You're like the missing piece

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
You don't know
What you do to me, to me

You are all four seasons
Rolled into one
Like the cold December snow
In the warm July sun

I'm the jet black sky
That's just before the rain
Like the mighty current
Pulling you under the waves

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
You don't know what you do to me
To me
I'm the darkest hour
Just before the dawn
And I'm slowly sinking
Into the slough of despond

Like an old guitar
Worn out and left behind
I have stories still to tell
They're of the healing kind

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
If I could just
Find you tonight
If I could just find you tonight
Oh my love

Do do do

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    I think about all my relationships up to this point in my life and realized some of them had meaning while others did not. I've loved, I've lusted, I have hurt and have been hurt. But nothing reaches the devastation and the willing to love with all your heart, that came with letting go of the love of my life. She was and is absolutely amazing. She is the purest of heart, stunningly beautiful inside and out. A personality that is impeccable, I have never met anyone quite like her. But I ruined it for her and myself, I took her for granted, I was selfish. I let past relationships interfere with our rare mutual bond. I finally found that sense of mutuality but didn't realize it until she was gone. Needless to say, she is the only female I have ever thought of marrying. Every time I hear northern wind by city and colour, I think of her and what it could have possibly been like if we were still together today. Though, I know we will probably never cross paths again and that tears me apart, if you can imagine. But if we do and we pick things back up again, which I'm still considering, I know that it was meant to be.
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    This means that the relationship this fellow is having is compared to the northern wind. It sends shivers down his spine, just like the wind (haha, get it?) and just like the wind doesn't know what it is doing to us when it blows, the girl that this guy is in love with doesn't realize the effect she has on him. It's almost as if the girl doesn't know he exists or something. We will never find the wind since we can't see it. Just like this guy will never find his girl. He can only feel her, unable to see her and grasp her.
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    The meaning of northen wind to me is love but not just finding love actually searching for it and finding the truth and lies to love every little journey you go through to get there and also to stay there not just having a relationship that means nothing to the other person and getting thrown away when they get bored of it, this song is very meaningful and will hopefuly show itself to alot of couples and single people who need to search for love! I hope you all find it!
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    This guy really loves and cares for the person hes singing this to, hes not obsessed, but has this desire for this person. Love creeps on you so unexpectedly, he can't get this person off his mind, but to think if the other person feels the same way would be uhmazing, but he feels cold in return. I know this because this song relates so much to a person I really love and care about, and we aren't yet complete but its okay, he will be ok if we never are complete. As long as hes in my life and I'm there to love and protect him is all that matters. -a. B
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