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Cinderella Effect – Darkest Hour lyrics

In my darkest hour of need
I stop and I wonder
Just what the hell I'm doing here

The thunder crashes down
From the angry heavens
I hear the demon growling at my door

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm guity but I'm innocent
Glory in pictures I behold

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm still here but I'm innocent
For that war I've sacrificed my soul

I hear those church bell rings
But I shall not be weakened
I will not take my eyes from you

Build a river in my side
I'm out of season
My love you know I'd kill for you
I'd kill for you

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm false but I'm innocent
Deep in my temple webs are spun

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm beguiled but I'm innocent

Show me all the evil that I've done

And with these words you seek to criticise
Blind to the volumes that you compromise
And should I lie and say that I sympathise
The truth, there's nothing in your eyes

The road goes on and on
To the vale of sorrow
I swear I did not foresee your downfall

So take the chains from my eyes
Give me direction
You cannot choose but heed my call
Oh heed my call

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm evil but I'm innocent
Should I stop reading from my soul

Oh lord I'm innocent
I'm weak but I'm innocent
Don't leave me lying down here below

Don't leave me lying down here below
Don't leave me lying down here below

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