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Chronic Cartel – Light Em Up lyrics

I'm like a loaded fuckin weapon
My style is wild
And you been checkin me out for miles now
Fuck the red and blue lights
I'm ducking the fuck out cause my heaters under my seat
The city is on fire and we got no time to breathe
Takin the whip in the back of this bitch just to see what's in that trunk
Got a couple of rocks in the side of my socks gonna slang them to that punk
And if I got that mic control then you know what's up
So get your lights out and light those mother fuckers up

Put your guns down put your guns down
There's a riot in the streets can't you hear the sound
So put your lights up
Now just light them up
Rude boy knows what's what
Gonna smoke them up

I'm a weapon of ass destruction
Threat of a mass corruption
Ever since a little kid
The center of class discussion
They yellin at the top their lungs
Homie where you from
The corner of heaven and hell
Southern California

I'll never die in this world
But I'll probably get killed
The fall won't ever hurt
But the landing it will
So I glide
To the bottom of the cup
So lets fly
A lil higher light em up

Smoke fills the air, As I choke from all this pressure(
Tension so thick, getting hard for me to measure(
Treasure flows, from the rich to the richer(
You get the picture, fingers on the trigger(

(It’s gonna snap, and then slap you with some scripture(
We out here, and the hole is getting bigger(
Can’t you see, All of this oppression(
The Youth in the ghettos, filling with aggression(((((((

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