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Chris Ledoux – Honky Tonk World lyrics

There used to be a time candlelight and wine was all that a woman would need
Man you were a winner if you took her out to dinner or a movie she wanted to see
But the world has turned and it's time you learned that the old ain't working no more
Yeah the rules have changed it's brand new game and buddy if you want to score
You've got to get off the couch get out of the house long about Friday night
Shine up your boots polish up your moves if you want to keep her satisfied
Oh a little bump and grind will do it every time if you want to keep your little girl
But you don't stand a chance less you take her out and dance
Cause we're living in a honky tonk world

Well sooner or later all you couch potatoes are gonna be the lonely ones
If you want good lovin' then you gotta keep up
And you better know your Brook's from your Dunn's
Don't even think that your Engelbert Humperdink record's gonna turn her on
Cause Mister you can bet if you don't know the steps
Then you're gonna get left at home
You've got to get off the couch...
[ guitar - fiddle ]
Now if you were cro-magnon you'd be draggin' them woman by the hair to your cave
You'd be down on your knees citing them soliloquies back in Romeo's day
Yeah you'd be kind of nifty if we were in the Fifties and you had a cool car to drive
But we're living in the Nineties so you better shake your hiney
Or you're gonna get left behind
You've got to get off the couch...
No you don't stand a chance less you take her out and dance
Cause we're living in a honky tonk world
[ piano - guitar - fiddle ]

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