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Chris Brown – Which One Ft. Noah lyrics

[Noah] [Spoken]

Which one you gon get, man?
I know right? It's so many to choose from.
Believe that.
Chris Brown. Noah.


Ima make it rain like sprinkle sprinkle
That boy chevy go twinkle twinkle
Hop out like a G say please to meet you
Can we alope and go smoke some with these fools
Its the N-O-Ahh
Baby kiss me hug me the music man girls love it
So which one of yall gon set some crystall
If you aint old enough then holla at Chris Brown

[Chris Brown]

Everyone of yall look alike
Wanna do something freaky tonight
Tell your man you aint feelin the same
You wanna be free
Free to mingle tonight
If I could would take all of you
To a place where we all could do
Sumthin that ya mamma wouldn't approve
Make ya get down show me what's good
Let me see how they do it your hood

[Hook:] x2

Which one of yall
Wonder which one yall
Which which one of yall tryna be next
Which one of yall
Which which one of yall
Which one of yall taking that off for me

Tell me come and come walk for me
Let me see keep on tellin me
Bout the thing I just had to know
Baby what's ya name
Or do you wanna play tonight
Or do you like to be
Talk to like you do with me
Girl I already know
Baby wats yur thang
If you want we can get it tonight



You can count on me or cb to please ya
Fly you to Italy for pizza pizza
Back to America live with lesiure
G 4 Cash Boy you don't need ya Visa
Cuz you my candy girl
My now and later
Just bring ya purse and what ya mamma gave ya
Baby I'm a player but the balls in ya court
Now let me strip till ya in ya bras and boy shorts
Written in my teeth like I need a pack of gum
Apple bottoms got you lookin like Baunita Applebum
I'm from dekata baby tell me where you from
Come come whisper in ya ear let me tell you some
The way ya booty hop I think a rabbit in ya pants
We can travel to Japan then Africa to France
I can have it in ya plans if you tell me in advance
So baby use your brain and use advantage at your chance


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