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Chills – Halo Fading lyrics

Halo, can you here me?
Halo, fading in silence

I know you hear me
I know you're there being quiet
Someday your song I'll sing for you that finally says
Right now the words don't come tome
I'm torn apart trying

Love grows, but not when you're absent
What they can do to trust, look what it's done for us
How could it change from what it was so quickly to what
It is now?
After that mad year dreading this, the fear of finding

Far beyond reach
Far beyond hope
Where even dreams feature a sad lonely show

Halo (halo)
Halo (halo)

I can still touch you in my mind
I know precisely what you're like
Follow your footsteps through the sand

Last time we kissed
That night was a mess
Didn't it rain or was it you?

These days I'm watching replays
Triggered in my mind's eye, no matter how I try
I see our love in many lands, especially memories of
But Paris, Athens and Amsterdam, and ever London now is

Far beyond reach
Far beyond hope
Where even dreams feature a sad lonely show

Still, when I find I'm in your town
And I would love to come around
It's only sixteen minutes there, on a bike
But I get feelings, can't shake them off
Sometimes it seems I've been robbed

Halo (halo)
Halo (halo)

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