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Chief Keef – Loud lyrics

Chief Sosa Loves Smokin On Loud
I’m In My Rari Smokin On Loud
I Hit Shawdy She Screamin Loud
She Loud, She Loud, She Loud
My Boys Desert Eagle, they Loud
So Boy you Best Watch Yo Mouth
A Hunnid Shots We Squeeze ‘Em You Down
Go bow!, Go bow!, Go bow!

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I Pull Off On Dat bitch I’m Soo Loud
And What I’m Smokin On I’m Soo Loud
Shawdy Know How Sosa Get Down
Chief Sosa Goin c** In Her Mouth
Damn Boy Your Pockets So So Slim
Man I Can Be Up In That Gym
Watch Chief Sosa Ball Break The Rim
We Gots Lots Of Kush Make A Sell
I Spend All My Money On Clothes
Never Spend My Money On Hoes
Man I Just Be Stuntin On Hoes
On Hoes, On Hoes, On Hoes…


[Verse 2: Ballout]
You Know Me And Chief Sosa Off Loud
Everytime We Come To Your Town
We Smoke Dope, Dats It
We Smoke Off Tht Pound
We Got Choppas And I Swear They Soo Loud
Sneak Diss Us And We Come To Your Town
Pull Up And The Rari Soo Loud
All The Bad bitches
We Go Around
Everytime We Come Around
They Be Like Ballout
And Sosa So Wild
Is It Cause We Smoke So Much Loud?
We At The Top And bitch We Ain’t Comin Down
Ballout! Ballout! Ballout!


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