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Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew – The Superbowl Shuffle lyrics

We are the Bears
Shufflin' through
Shufflin on down
Doin' it for you
We'e so bad
We know we're good
Blowin your mind
Like we knew we would
You know we're just
Struttin for fun
Struttin our stuff
For everyone
We're not here
To start no trouble
We're just here
To do the Superbowl shuffle

Well they call me Sweetness
And I like to dance
Runnin the ball
Is like makin romance
We had the goal
Since training camp
To give Chicago
A Superbowl champ
We're not doing this
Because we're greedy
The Bears are doin it
To feed the needy
We didn't come here
To look for trouble
We just come here
To do the Superbowl Shuffle

This is Speedy Willie
And I'm world class
I like running
But I love to get the pass
I practice all day
And dance all night
I gotta get ready
For the Sunday fight
Now I'm as smooth
As a chocolate swirl
I dance a little funky
So watch me girl
There's no one here
That doesn't like me
My Superbowl shuffle
Will set you free

I'm Samurai Mike
And I stop 'em cold
Part of the defense
Big and bold
I've been jammin
For quite a while
Doin what's right
And settin the style
Give me a chance
I'll rock you good
Nobody messin
In my neighborhood
I didn't come here
Lookin for trouble
I just came
To do the Superbowl Shuffle


Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh

I'm the punky qb
Known as Mcmann
When I hit the turf
I've got no plan
I just throw my body
All over the field
I can't dance
But I can throw the field
I motivate the cats
I like to tease
I play it so cool
I aim to please
That's why you all got here
On the double
To catch me doin
The Superbowl shuffle

I'm mama's boy Otis
One of a kind
The ladies all love me
For my body and my mind
I'm slick on the floor
As I can be
But ain't no sucka
Gonna get past me
Some guys are jealous
Of my style and class
That's why some end up
On their [whistle]
I didn't come here
Lookin for trouble
I'm just gettin down
To the Superbowl shuffle

They say Jimbo
Is our man
If Jimmy can't do it
I sure can
This is Steve
And it's no wonder
I run like lightning
Pass like thunder
So bring on Atlanta
Bring on Dallas
This is for Mike
And Papa Bear Hallis
But I'm not here
To feathers ruffle
I just came here
To do the Superbowl shuffle

I'm L. A. Mike
And I play it cool
But don't sneak by me
Cause I'm no fool
I fly on the field
And get on down
Everybody knows
I don't mess around
I can break em & shake em
Any time of day
I like to steal it
And make em pay
So please don't try
To break my hustle
Cause I'm just here
To do the Superbowl shuffle


The Sack-man's comin
I'm your man Dent
Is your quaterback slow?
He's gonna get bent
We start to run
We start to pass
I like to dump guys
On their [whistle]
We love to play
For the world's best fans
But don't start lookin
At the Superbowl plan
But don't get ready
Or go through any trouble
Unless you've practiced
The Superbowl shuffle

It's Gary here
And I'm Mr. Clean
They call me "Hit Man"
Don't know what they mean
They throw it long
And watch me run
I'm on my man
One on one
Buddy's guys
Cover it down to the bone
That's why they call us
The 46 zone
Come on everybody
Let's scream and yell
We're gonna do the shuffle
Then ring your bell

You're lookin at the Fridge
I'm the rookie
I may be lost
But I'm no dumb cookie
You see me hit
You see me run
When I kick a pass
We gonna have more fun
I can dance
You will see
The others
They all learn from me
I didn't come here
To look for trouble
I just came
To do the Superbowl shuffle

1 - 2 - 3 - huh!
Chorus x 2 to fade

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