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Chaundon – Y'all Don't Want It lyrics

If we got 'Ђ¦ no bright tomorrow, should we remember yesterday?
What? That'Ђ™s why it'Ђ™s yesterday
Shit don'Ђ™t matter what you did yesterday motherfucker
It'Ђ™s what you doin today, really want it?
Niggers talking about, 'Ђ¦ doing
Fuck you doing right now, step your shit up niggaare, let'Ђ™s go

I got an ear for eloquence, tell me different 'Ђ¦ is true
When I step in the 'Ђ¦ and lay down
For year I don'Ђ™t polish the sound, we'Ђ™re from from 'Ђ¦
Legendary, bury niggaare, what'Ђ™s up now?
'Ђ¦ like I got something to prove and this is true
All you 'Ђ¦ niggers got something to lose, e4 wow, tripping 'Ђ¦
I'Ђ™m coming after you, fools
Earn the rep in many places, 'Ђ¦ write the name
Teamed within phases and everything'Ђ™s changed
Set the president for high level libertism
... Like they need an exorcism
Now every last one swallow 'Ђ¦
And you can see the critics getting criticized for criticism
Make way for the brand new niggaare over here
New 'Ђ¦ here, 'Ђ¦ ober here, kid

I'Ђ™m just too strong for ya, and you'Ђ™re all running
You'Ђ™re shoveling and it'Ђ™s easy for me, so you are running
I'Ђ™m in the place and I'Ђ™m... My team, so you'Ђ™re all running
You'Ђ™re the one with me,

'Ђ¦wanna come and slow me down
I'Ђ™m the 'Ђ¦ frigging I'Ђ™ma loose
Hate to disappoint you, got some open news
Back with the vengeance, way bigger sound
No way in hell niggers fighting over me now
'Ђ¦ while I searched on the internet
Niggers said that my first album drowned wasn'Ђ™t ready yet
Used over negative, 'Ђ¦
I won'Ђ™t beat the city, you best stay in the savage
Jumped on land 'Ђ¦ punish 'Ђ¦
Sound so incredible, 'Ђ¦ so requesting ya
Now words never gonna stab ya
I dream like Martin Luther King but never think to the mountain top
I'Ђ™ve been knocked down once the sad
'Ђ¦ for me to survive
So than I got I'Ђ™ll damned if I lose it
No sleep no questions, no doubt, no excuses

Nothing in this world that can hold me down
'Ђ¦ come and slow me down, 'Ђ¦ moving slow
'Ђ¦ believing, 'Ђ¦ no excuses

Been to a few labels, had doors closed on me
Like I was a bum with some mall clothes on me
'Ђ¦ guess I'Ђ™m for the wrong reason, wherever reason

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