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Charles Manson – I'm Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone lyrics

First they made him sleep in the closet (x2)
Then they made him sleep out in the hall
When I got a little bit older
They made me sleep against the wall
Then, I was so young and tender
But now I’m oh, so big and hard
Now that I’m a little bit older
I got’s ta sleep’s in ma backyard
When he was just about three
All the girls would drive to see
Who could hold him on their knee
But now its plain to see
Now that he’s big and hard
He’s got to stay in the back yard
He had a job and got fired
Slept on the ground so hard
And I’m so sure some day
Some pretty girl will come his way
And then his mama will say,
“Boy, with girls, you don’t play!”
And it’s so plain to see
What his mama wants him to be
Locked up and not to be free
To play with you and me
Now I sleep out in the graveyard
Seems my mama up and died
And now I just lay around her tombstone
Scratching peace symbols in the si de.

I’m scratching peace symbols in your tombstone
I’m scratching peace symbols in your mind
I’d like to know how’d you get there (x2)
Can’t you hear, oh can’t you hear up here, as I’m

(repeat chorus)

The only thing you know is what they told you
The only thing you know is what they said
And showed you by the ashes
That all that was true and real is dead, but I’m

(repeat chorus (variation))

I’d like to know how’d you get here
I’d like to know, I’d like to know how’d you get here
My mama told me just what she said
Stay away from girls and my bed
But the woman with the thoughts is all dead
Cause there’s a cloud of lead in our head
I’m scratchin’ / tombstone
I’m scratching / mind

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