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Chapter Nine – Anthem For The Great lyrics

Our fears crawling beneath our skin
The words they speak, last dying breath
Surface the thoughts buried inside
Recurring visions, take my life
Hate fills the lonely morning sky
Blurred memories, turn off the lights
We’re all so different but it’s time for glory
Unite our forces, fight

(Unite our forces and fight)
(Come with us and you’ll never die)

Our passion drives us to our ends
Distorted skies cover the night
Erase the doubts still in your mind
Defeat the demons, lightning strikes
The path they follow, another lie
No other meaning, no shining light
We’re all the children of the night
Unite our forces, fight

(Unite our forces and fight)
(Come with us and you’ll never die)

This song is not for everyone
It’s the few and the brave
Who dare to rise against all the expectations
And become greater than they could ever be
It’s for everyone who was turned down
Over and over again
And still kept on trying,
It’s for those who believed in themselves
When nobody else did
And when someone tried to bring them down
They told them “fuck you”

If you are one of these persons,
You are not alone
And this song goes out for you

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