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Chani Maisonet – Never Give Up lyrics

Verse 1:

Life comes like a drum
Beating harder and harder
Won't cry I, can't run
I'll just keep marching ahead
And even if they try to stop me
I won't be stopped,
I won't be knocked down
I won't be blocked
I made my mind up long ago
That I'm in control
And I have to finish this race


People may hurt me
Judge me or hate me
But they'll never break me
And when they try


I'll never (X3)
Never Give up
I'll never (X2)
Never Give Up

Verse 2:

Sй que, tengo todo lo necesario
Para cambia al mundo
Poder descansa en mis manos
Creen en sus sueсos
Y que va a pasar por ti

And even if they try to stop you
You can't be stopped,
You can't be knocked down
You can't be blocked
Make up your mind here and now
That you're in control
And you've got a long way to go


People may hurt you
Judge you or hate you
But They'll never break you
And when they try


Dice nunca (X3)
Nunca se rinde
Nunca (X2)
Nunca se rinde


I'll dance to sound of my heartbeat
I'll soar on the air under my wings
No one and nothing can stop me
I will never give up



I'll never (X3)
Never Give up
I'll never (X2)
Never Give Up

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