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Chameleon Circuit – Big Bang Two lyrics

The Doctor's stuck in the Pandorica,
might be dead and Rory's a Roman with a gun inside his hand -
Seems like things aren't going as planned
River's in the tardis,
The tardis is on fire,
She's feeling the heat,
On repeat she'll require,
Someone she can trust,
Someone with a bow tie,
But he's been locked up
And left to die.
Oh my God
what will they do
Seems impossible to get through,
My mind is blown I bet yours is too,
Well I guess this is Doctor Who.
Rory's quite distressed and he starts to sob
When the Doctor appears with a mop,
"Get me out of the Pandorica."
"But you're not in the Pandorica."
"Yes I am, well, yes I was, it's complicated but I won't explain it now because... "
Then he
disappeared into a hazy fuzz,
That man I can't explain why he does the things he does.
Oh my God I don't I don't have a clue
These paradoxes are hard to construe
My mind is blown I bet yours is too,
Well I guess this is Doctor Who.
It's the Big Bang Two and I need to review what on earth just
Happened before my eyes.
Time has gone askew the universe has too
I'll try to explain to you the Big Bang Two,
The Big Bang Two.
The Doctor's got River's vortex manipulator,
Which he'll use to meet Rory 2000 years later
When they find Amy after her sleep in the box.
They realise the sun is really the exploding tardis.
Doctor saves River from the imitating star.
This woman watches back can't help but point out the obvious.
Oh my God he's wearing a fez,
Oh my God he's wearing a fez,
Oh my God he's wearing a fez,
Oh my God he's wearing a fez.
A Dalek pops up out of nowhere

Shoots the Doctor kills him quite unfair
He jumps back 12 minutes to the stairs,
He's dead,
And everyone despairs.
Little do they know the Doctor lies
He's gone stopping the universes demise.
Amy says her last goodbyes,
Doctor flies up into the skies.
The universe is back it's true
But the Doctor's said his final adieu,
Maybe he'll come back if she remembers you.
It's the Big Bang Two and I need to review What on earth just happened before my eyes.
Time has been renewed the universe has too,
But Amy still can't help but cry.
Someone's missing, the question's who.
Then she remembers -
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed,
Something blue.
And that's the Big Bang Two.
I hope it didn't confuse you.

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Submitted byudbasser
Corrected byforty-two


  • f
    This song is about the final episode of series 5 of doctor who called the big bang (surprisingly) it takes place straight after the pandorica opens. The song tells a simplified version of the episode as they explain what happens in the doctors view apart from the start where gets Rory to get him out.
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  • u
    Awesome, epic, take your pick of positive adjectives. The lyrics are a bit off though. "with a gun in his hand" should be "with a gun inside his hand", "what he does the things he does" is "why he does the things he does", and "he's not stopping the universe's demise" is "he's off stopping the universe's demise". But it is still a great song, and one of the most confusing episodes of doctor who ever. : d
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