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Cesspool Of Vermin – Beastial Necrophilia lyrics

Decomposing stench of rotted meat. My c*** now begins to
Get hard. Penetrating rigor mortis ass. Puss dripping
From my sack. Break the K-9's back. Fingering it's hole.
It's legs are now open wide, my dick is now inside,
Pounding out it's bung. Now the skin begins to tear as
Maggots chew on sores. Now my mouth, it starts to water,
As my tongue begins to probe. Jerking on my rigid c***,
My hand is lubed with puss. Bathing in the K-9's feces, I
Finally blow my load. Fucking, sucking, thrusting,
Punching, groping, raping, tasting, feeling. Fucking,
Sucking, thrusting, punching, groping, raping, tasting,
Feeling. Licking on it's festering nipples, just like a
Dog in heat. The milky fluids flowing. I will begin my
Feast. Feel my sack begin to tingle, I blow a second nut.
The fleas, they drown in semen as I pull out her pups.
Spitting on it's rancid orfice, to get it wet once more.
I pull the tail aside and start to fuck again. Fingering
It's rotting asshole, my face is sprayed with shit. I rub
My dick between it's teeth. My soul is now in bliss. Lust
Of Decay now is growing. Arousal of my inner demons.
Found on asphalt dead and broken. Pull the ticks off my
Own nutsack. How I love to inhale the wretched stench.
Rip it's legs apart and plant my seed. Feel my manhood
Pulsing deep within. Pull the ben wa balls out one by
One. Spray my load across the dog's rotted teeth. Hear
The bones cracking with every thrust.

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