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Celadon Candy – Undercutter lyrics

You're the hole in my umbrella
The soaking wet behind my ears
The bloodstain on my name
The same disease I've had for years
If I went to see the doctor
He would say to stay away
But why should I heed advice?
(The hospital charges twice)
When it's possible to feel worse
Sid and Nancy, loved each other
I want you to be my Undercutter
We'll watch the stars, lying in the gutter
I need you to be my Undercutter
Jezebel of my novella
We're soaking wet between the sheets
These feelings never change
(I'm happy to be deranged)
Without you I'm incomplete
Provided we don't kill each other
I want you to be my Undercutter
Make my heart, melt like butter
I need you to be my Undercutter...

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  • DenizensofDestiny
    It's like how the food you eat is bad for your belly, but you eat it anyway. An undercutter undermines your sense of self, like a frog sinks into a warm water. Soon he is boiled. Listen to the voice of Buddha, heh.
    "You're the hole in my umbrella, the soaking wet behind my ears, the blood stains on my name..."
    Yes, he is saying she is all those bad things, but he loves her.
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