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Catherine Wheel – Future Boy lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

With you up there on the screen
I'd be your future boy
My big eyed bird in the movies
I'd be your future boy
'Cause if that is what you need
A cinematic boy like me
Who'll come along and set you free
Don't fear superboy is here
And it feels good to me

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

As the wisdom runs
A boy should know his limitations
But I've talked myself through less
Can I be your future pest
'Cause if that is what you need
A sycophantic boy like me
Who'll tell you things
You really don't need
Oh joy I'm your boy
And it feels good to me
Don't fear superboy is here
And it feels good to me

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    It's about a guy who flaunts his wordly connections thinking that this somehow impresses others. He gathers them to make himself feel powerful - unaware of the superficiality in his world. He clings to other celebrities and parades it on social media to boost his ego and sense of self importance. He also Is under the delusion that because he has a vast number of wealthy connections this catapults him to super hero status. He somehow sees himself as an other worldly figure that propels himself to the realm of religious and spiritual saviour to others. His narcissism has coloured his reality with inaccurate depictions of a self deluded godly presence. He is merely another wannabe hero who can only feed his own ego by surpassing his stardom by casting himself as saviour to the less intelligent or fortunate. He fancies himself as a modern Jesus Christ only he is completely unaware of his own hypocrisy and downfalls. He would do a better job of speaking to the masses with a touch of humanity and realism and a touch less self fanaticism and pretense.
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