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Carlo Koosh – Better Days lyrics

[Hook x4]
I be down (x2) for better days
I'll take you to a better place

[Verse 1]
Introducin' the father Introducin' the daughter
I take you in my arms and i know we'll love each other
I'm tellin' you no lies, princess to december your mother, you ressemble
Everything you're able
Holdin' you close to me restarted all my system (x2)
I vow to protect you from anything that happen
I lift you to the sun, God be your guardian
Soon enough the world be saluting to your highness
Cause every blessing come with a shine of the finest
Made of an essence, only found among a kindness
Their jealousy just mindless, with you God shares brightness
Sweet when you smile, I think of the future
The joy you'll bring me now, will remain your nature
I see you like a prophesy told in the scriptures
And I garantee you will never know failure

[Hook x4]
I be down (x2) for better days
I'll take you to a better place

[Verse 2]
Even though i'm 24 I feel like I was just reborn
I don't see your arrival like a fall
And I know by you I will never fold
Cause on everything I love, you're kinda the half of me
All my manners wore off, you stole everything
Want you to be what I should've ever been
The world is yours, you can have all you need
Never matters when it comes to be there
For you as a father I won't be unfair
I was selfish, now you teach me how to share
I'm upgrading from a boy to a man

[Hook x4]
I be down (x2) for better days
I'll take you to a better place

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