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Carentin – Cookie Cutter On The Fritz lyrics

Memory inside
Relay switch
Has short curcuited
Chemical imbalance
Rotted away, my brain, insane
In pain, no pain
No feeling
What's that? Oh it's just the ceiling
Who are you?
Who am I?
Am I just a skeleton in deguise?
Socailly demeaning
No one cares about me
I can't see myself... Normal
But normal's like you
Me be like that?
No that you
Welcome to my happy aboad
Down that open road
Never knowing any monsters
Except the monsters running rampped deep down inside
I've got time to buy
I'm locked up
Marbles richochet off padded walls
Padded floors protect me when I fall
I can't stand up (too dizzy)
Can't hold on (arms in a straight jacket)
Can not talk, Mental confusion
I guess I'm losin' it!
Answer me!
Why doesn't anybody ever talk to me?
They just stick, pull, push, probe, look, take, inject, and wreak havoc
I'm tired of all my happy pills
Tired of my delusionary thrills
Tired of... Oh I'm so tired
(look at the pretty lights. Look at the pretty lights.)

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