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Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – That's How We Row lyrics

(Cap D)
What should a captain do
With a spanish crew?
Set em up a trap
That they fall into
Board their ship
And prepares to duel
Stab em in the back
Like they be fools
In this raft I laugh
Cause my craft be daft
Cannons gonna blast
Then we hear that splash
Cause you know we attack
When ye turn your backs
Not rowin fast
We'll lose our ass
But relax
Face facts don't react
Like our grips on wrack
Like our chips ain't stacked
Like our ships ain't packed
Like our whips ain't cracked
Hold back
Set a drift on a skiff
Get a lift from a swift
Hit on the flip lets dip,
Row to the shores
Where we be dope
Hang from a rope
And abandon hope
We rowin on the ocean
We flowin with commotion
We going where we goin
Them fools ain't even knowin
We close in on suckers
We foes like no others
We cold motherfuckers
Now row like yer brothers

Now Rooowwwwww
Cause we Row Like this
Cause we Row Like This
Cause We Row Like This
Now Roooowwww
Cause We Row Like This
If you be talking that shit
You's a bitch
(You's a Biatch!)

(Sea Dawg)
On the sea we glide waiting for high tide
We row like this when the wind has died

Water pitch black just like the sky
Send out a spy so he can pry
And find where guards are positioned nearby
Torture one until he does comply
Tell us where the treasure does reside
Take his key and sneak inside
We goin we rowin we flowin we knowin
Not slowin keep growin more yo ho ho-in
Got hoes blowin and everyone knowin
Knee deep in gold like it's been snowin
Don't screw with the scurvy crew, get a clue, thought
You knew
If ya do bid your limbs adieu
Ain't a sailor we can't subdue, we'll lay ya to rest in
The icy blue

(Scott Free)
I'm the life of the party sourounded with hotties
From west palm beach to fort ladidadi
You can find your shorty shitting riding shoty
Smoking on seaweed sipping on bacardi
I got two fine bitches in the ship getting naughty
Sitting rowing clean with my new lexonies
Rolling fat blunts you can call em bob marleys
You know this click stays equipped with a grip
With full clips and krip spliffs
To rip hit shit don't miss this
It's vicious how we spit shit
Yo I come with the quickness and I don't tolerate
You wanna make it on the hit list (no)
Then stat the fuck out my motherfucking business

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