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Capt. Walt – Windin' Levee Road lyrics

Well I got drunk las' night, as ever'body knowed,
An' I flipped my pickup on that windin' levee road,
My dog fell out and he done died,
My sweetheart gone an' left me, she fit to be tied,

They hauled me front o' the judge, he says to me, 'Son,
Got you drivin' under the influence, it too late to run.
Gonna put you in the slammer, breakin' rocks by the load,
'Til ya learns how to drive proper on that windin' levee road. '


It's a long, long road, snakin' through the Stockton delta,
Like a southern bayou, it wanders an' roams, helta-skelta,
An if you tempted by too many beers, an' take on a load,
Jus' remember this advice, stay away, stay away '
From that windin' levee road.

My cell ain't big an' the sun don't hardly never shine,
They let's me out ever' day to pound them rocks o' mine,
They feeds me hog slop an' says it part o' my pay,
But what all they gives me Ah just can't say,

It look like grits and somethin' gray that taste,
Like a big ol' jar o' that there library paste.
Ah dump it on the floor for this ugly green ol' toad
What follered me up here from that windin' levee road.


Some day Ah'll get out, when Ah done served what time Ah must,
An' all them rocks Ah broke is busted to pieces an' dirt an' dust,
Then you'll see me an' the toad walkin' 'long the canal, down by highway four,
A three-legged dog behind us, jus' me, a guitar, an' my new gal on tour.

We be singin' the blues as we mosey pas' the bullfrogs an' snappin' turtles,
The crawfish, the cattails, the bulrush, fig trees and crepe myrtles,
An jus' remember, when you think you carrying too heavy a load,
Stay away, young man, stay away from, that windin' levee road.


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