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Capleton – Rock Stone lyrics

Rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone was my pillow
I say, rockstone was my pillow
Rock stone, was my pillow

Hear the man say
R-R-Rock stone was my pillow could not find place fi sleep
Pot dem empty we haffi find food fi eat
Everyday we terrorize by soldier and police
When the thing dem a drum and di thing dem a beat
From dem a play cowboy, and Indian, and Chief
From the first, to the third, straight up to seven street
One thing in a wi mind a fi trample di beast
And make it in a life, and inherit as the meek

Better the stone dem deh yah
Self employed, cannot get lay off
Mount a work mi have
Can't even get a day off
Who did waan fi stop mi now dem find out seh dem way off
Alright, and mi seh one by one, one by one
One by one, wi stepping out a Babylon
Then one by one, one by one
Hail King Selassie the conquering lion

Rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone was my pillow
I say, Rock Stone was my pillow
Sizzla Kalonji
Rock stone, was my pillow (Stephen Ragga Marley, aha!)

Help us Jah
Take us from the slum
Never give up no matter what, strictly fiyah burn
Hail Rasta, take us from the slum
Never give up matter what
King Selassie I blessing come
Sufferation is thing could be no harder time
Got to widen your views, got to broaden your mind
What we face in the ghetto, nowhere else can you find
Hunger, poverty, a system so unkind
As a matter a fact, there is an after shock
When cold ground was my bed and my pillow was a rock
Try to make it through the system all the doors were lock
Yet nothing beats a try so I ain’t go stop
Mount a time they write a book on you
A set amount ah crap they'd ah put on you
Yet when yuh in the dirt they wouldn’t look on you
They would only scorn and wanna wipe the foot on yuh
But, see yah
So open up, Zion door
Ethiopia, Africa for sure
Liberate the poor, the poor, hey

Mi nah lie, true mi hail Selassie I dem wah fi war I
Read mi Bible turn to peace and praise Tafari
Good bye Babylon goodbye, goodbye
Open up, Zion door
Mount Zion, Ethiopia for sure
Children of Israel, children of Israel

Rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone was my pillow
I say, rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone, was my pillow

Hear me now
Jah man me cool, nuh stumble like you
Walk pon di street, me nuh gwaan for fool
Arrive at the dance, di mic a mi tool
Eat pon table, sit inna stool
Me black, me brown
Me brown no black
Ribs and mi chest, mi spine and mi back
Wait 'til you hear, when dis riddim drop
Head yuh toe, yuh body a rock, from me pon di mic
Steve Marley ah chat, firm and strong
Doh step pon the lot
The peaceful, righteous, Rastaman
Rod of correction, inna him hand
Preachin' out to man and woman, give riches to King Solomon

Now, bass come out, and treble a top
Cap an no buck, an nuh buck a no cap
Sweetest singer, was Sugar Minott
Man a come in and ah give me a shot
Dracula turn inna vampire bat
When him see sun, him cyah take dat
Eyes dem dark, fi use contact
I pon the mic, Raggamuffin a chat
Fi mi head dread, me head it no plat
Nuh fraid ah no mouse, nuh fraid ah no rat
Pray to Jah, me never will stop
We hot no cold, wah cold nuh hot
Live in a house, no live in a flat
Up inna Zion, di righteious will top
Jah blow breeze, the devil cannot

Rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone was my pillow
I say, rock stone was my pillow
Rock stone, was my pillow

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