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Capercaillie – Soraidh Bhaum Gu Barraidh lyrics

Soraidh bhuam gu Barraidh
Eilean's maisich tha fo'n ghrein
Far an nic an robh mi sugradh
's le sunna a ruith na spreidh
Gur lionmhor lus tha fas fa'n druchd
Is deallt air uir as dheidh
A' bheireadh slainte is mnuirneal dhuit
Air maduimn chubhraidh cheit

An am diread mo mhiann
Air feasgar farm's an fhoghar
Nuair a chromadh air a ghrian
Gum beathaicheadh am faladh thu
Far luscan b'aille fiomh
An aiteag chubhraidh alvinn
Thig far bharr a' chnain an lar.

An am eirigh anns an t-samhradh
'se bhith ann, bu mhor mo mhiann
Gach iasgair 's e le bhata
Dol gu aite a chuir na lion
Nuair a charadh iad simil shlan rith
Air a setadh dol dha'n iar.

'Se Barraidh an t-eilean 's boidhche
Ann cho mor s gun d'chur mi nigh
Far an tric an do ghabh mi oran
Measg nan oighean maiseach civin
'S ged tha mi'n duigh air m'aimeol
An Australia nan craobh
Cha di-chuimhuich mi a Ghaidhlig
Tha i sgriobhte 's a' chlaraig m'aois.

My blessings on Barra

My blessings on Barra
the most beautiful island under the sun
Where I often played
And happily herded the cattle
Plants abound beneath the dew
And the fine rain on the soil
On a May morning
Gives forth both good health and happiness.

I wished for nothing better
Than to walk through the maram grass
To the moors
As the sun sank low on a still autumn evening
When the fragrance of the most beautiful plants
Would invigorate me
As would the gentle sea breezes
Coming from the Atlantic.

In the summer
My only wish was to be there
As the fisherman in their boats
Went to lay the lines.
What a joy it was to watch
The boatsunder full sail on
The crests of the white waves
As they headed on their westerly course.

Barra is the most beautiful island
The island of my heart's desire
When I often sang in the company
Of serene and beautiful young ladies
And although I'm alone today
In Australia of the trees
I'll never forget the Gaelic language
Which is engraved on my mind.

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