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Calypso – Home Made Wine lyrics

Leh we go

Ah went paranging by meh neighbor (aye Miss Gloria)
And went by Miss Gloria (aye Miss Gloria)
I say madame what you have to offer (aye Miss Gloria)
She said ah have everyting right here (aye Miss Gloria)
Ah doh buy whiskey neither strong rum (aye Miss Gloria)
It is against my religion (aye Miss Gloria)
I have homemade wine in all description (aye Miss Gloria)
Rude boy you could sample anyone

Pomcite (pom pom pom), Hog Plum, Cashew and Guava
Banana, Five Finger, Balata and Cane

I want some homemade wine, madame gloria
Gimme some homemade wine, it nice
I want some homemade wine, madame gloria
Gimme some homemade wine, it sweet
Pom pom, pom pom pom (x7)

[Verse 2:]
Ah have black cake from Joan already (aye Miss Gloria)
So right now ah doh want no more (aye Miss Gloria)
But all dem local wine you present me (aye Miss Gloria)
I got to taste some ah dem for sure (aye Miss Gloria)
Oh madame which one is yuh favorite (aye Miss Gloria)
Bring it out quick lemme taste it (aye Miss Gloria)
Is you who make and you must know (aye Miss Gloria)
I want ah good head before ah go

Citrus, Hibicus, Dandyroot, Passionfruit
Temawee, Strawberry, Aloes and Rice wine


[Verse 3:]
She say Cocoa wine does give me short breath (aye Miss Gloria)
And sometimes it makes me upset (aye Miss Gloria)
Maybe de seed does have it so strong (aye Miss Gloria)
Or ah leave it in de jam too long (aye Miss Gloria)
When it comes to wine I have de recipe (aye Miss Gloria)
Go out deh ask anybody (aye Miss Gloria)
Any function any party (aye Miss Gloria)
Dem people does come running running to me

Cocoa, Long mango, Carilee, Temawee,
Guava, Balata, Plantain and Cane wine


Paw paw, Aloes (aye Miss Gloria)
Corn wine (aye Miss Gloria)
Ah have cane wine (aye Miss Gloria)
Fig wine (aye Miss Gloria)
Pom pom pom, pom pom pom
Coconut wine (aye Miss Gloria)
Hard wine (aye Miss Gloria)

Pom pom pom, pom pom pom
It sweet, it sweet
It nice nice nice nice nice

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