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Calevolution – Pineapple Rum lyrics

Verse 1 (Synclair)
Kissing you deeply intoxicated,
Nine sips of you and I'm truly faded,
Bliss we share is mutual,
And I love touching you cause you're adorable,
Close your eyes lean on me as we lounge with eachother,
Synclair is going to please you like no other,
Pineapple taste as I kiss you nice and slow,
Quit the talk and let the passion just flow...

Chorus (2B roy) 2x
Pineapple Rum, I make the girl have fun
Pineapple Rum, you know the fun can't done
Pineapple Rum, I make the girl have fun
Pineapple Rum, you know the fun can't done

Verse 2 (G. A. M. A)
Pineapple Rum,
Matter of fact any one,
Coconut flavor the taste I savor,
Pineapple and coconut rum,
Both made by Captain Morgan,
The Captain make me have more fun,
Whether I'm with a group or just with a lucky one,
Party Hardy,
In the shade, a faded state, call it faded fun,
Dance with no conversation just s** thanks to the rum...


Verse 3 (B. 1. D)
I like it peanut butter tasty with supper mixed with custard,
On top of mustard,
Coconut, pineappple rum with my margarita,
31 flavors like Baskin Robbins, mango creole,
Throw your ass a tango,
Salsa dance,
Scrub your pants,
Move from side to side,
Do the macarina open that pussy wide,
Butter Pecan, chiwahwahwah
Chi chi wahwahwah
Pecan Pirouline
Fuck 112 where's my Peaches and Cream?


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