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Cain's Offering – Oceans Of Regret lyrics

Resistance of irony,
In the way, don't stop.
Lack of sin for me,
It tares me so hopeless, so heartless
Say my name, it's over for me.

Tonight, I pray for the last time.
For you and for me.
And our ordinary lives, ordinary lies.

My pain, re-defined,
Like an unwelcomed guest,
Her eyes, just to remind me.

I'm there for you,
If you still want me, to fall afterall.
I'm yours to keep, just come to me,
I'm waiting with my wounds wide open.

Pour your salt, into these wounds,
And watch me crawl.
Tell me to take it like a man.
Show me my place, hurt me just because you can.

Though now it hurts like hell,
It is better to keep that something.
Instantly, being that I'm sad, in tears.

So tell me now, how was he?
And tell me, was he worth it?
And the space is all I want,
Solid payment for the torn and tired one,
Down cast, wayward son.

Can't grow out of my hope,
So I'm making my hole,
Though I'm wise enough to dig no more.

Trying to wash off the pain stain,
Don't fill my heart with your disdain.
Why can't you see, and live with it,
Face what you ask of me?


Take me in and tell me you hate me,
Breathe with me, make love with me,
Until I bleed. How does it feel,
To know that you can break me?


And I guess I'd forgive,
If I would not go weak,
And I knew you'd give yourself to me.

Though the wound is too deep,
I would give everything,
If I could just be the object of your desire.

Silently, you stood there before me.
Violently, unveiling your sin and your deceit.
You said to me:
"Love is only beautiful when it bleeds."


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