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Bus Stop – Na-na lyrics

Na-na-na-na*na-na-na-na, hey-hey, party, Na-na-na-na!
na-na-na-na, hey-hey, party, Repeat!


here's the party c'mon and move Bust,
Stop back with a brand new groove Back,
to show you how it's done have, a little fun Cos,
we're number one We're,
gonna make you feel alright Gonna,
smoke the mic like an old peace pipe Now,
you know what you have to do D,
A. Z. Drops. the lines at you Strike.
a match let, it burn On,
this dance floor baby take your turn Catch.
me when I drop my flow And
if you're in the party mood everybody go yo I'm!
tellin you a story now By,
the end you'll know it somehow Now,
you know what I'm going to say Everybody,
in the hous c'mon and party Repeat


I'm back so, get out your seats Bringing,
back jams and retro beats I'm,
tryin' to prove that I'm the man with the Smooth
and slam catch, me if you can I've.
got the flow gonna rip Gonna,
take the stage with a brand new script And.
when the light shines on me I'll,
be D A. Z. On. the M-I-C C'mon.
put your hands in the air Come,
and shake it up like you just don't care It's,
time to let it out get a move on So,
put your body on the floor get, a groove on I'm.
gonna make you feel so hot When,
I hit that spot you'll say don't stop Now
you know what I'm going to say Everybody,
in the house c'mon and party Repeat


yeah, That's... right Party... Repeat


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