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Burden Of A Day – My Shelter lyrics

Go to a safe place
Escape the same fate
Go to a safe place
So you can save fate
They stole your halo
Under painted skies
And like an angel
With the devil in his eyes

This city loves you
Why did you have to go?
This city loves you
What happened here?
We'll never know
To kill the monster
That has never shown it's face
This ghost that haunts you
Left an imprint that you can't erase

Hit the lights and lock the doors
Under blankets we'll stay warm
Hit the lights we'll brave the storm
Bleed forgiveness till it's gone
Be still stay low
I know we'll make it out
Be still and know

Burning questions without an answer
God still knows your here (x4)

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    I think its about someone who is struggling with temptation and is about to pull the trigger. Christians are say they love them and are curious why they did that, which explains " this city loves you. Why did you have to go. " " the ghost that haunts you " is satan. He is making them give up and life and " stealing your halo. " but the best part is the next verse. It is saying hide from him, don't let him influence you. Instead, seek jesus, seek forgiveness, because he will forgive you for what you have done. " god still knows your here. " he knows you still have a purpose. He knows how hard it is to stuggle with such things, but he gave us hope, and that would be jesus christ. He still knows your here, and has a plan for you.
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