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Bubbles – Do You Wanna Dance lyrics

(Hannah) -What's up girls?
I think it's time to get our act together.
Checkinґ out some boys, you know and move into the party.

(Alla) Wanna dance, take a chance.
Wanna dance with me. Do you wanna dance with me?

(Sandra) When the music is high and the lights are low,
You pretend to high but still it shows.
Gonna catch your eye, sooner or later.
Now we working out where this is going.
Canґt go back, I know it's growing.
Does it really matter what they say?

(Alla) Do you wanna dance with me?
Take a look and tell me what you see.
Tell me if I'm moving right.
Take you to the stars tonight.
Do you wanna tuch my heart?
Make a move, we can make a start.
Iґm gonna ask you one more time.
Do you wanna dance with me?

(Patricia) Do you believe that if we move to fast?
It will come and go, it will never last.
Come in the morningsun. You were member.
(Caroline) Should I listen to what mama told me?
Close my eyes and let you hold me.
Does it really matter what thay say?


(Alla) Take a chance.
(Hannah) -Whoґs the guy over there. I don't know.
Maybe we should go and talk to him. Yeah, let shaking out.
(Alla) Wanna dance.
(Caroline) -Did you see that cut guy on the dancefloor?
(Alla) Take a chance.
(Caroline) -Did you see that cut guy on the dancefloor?
(Alla) Wanna dance with me.
(Sandra) Be my baby.

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