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Brutha – High Is Coming Down lyrics

Yeah, bouncing in my Chevrolet, reminiscence on the past
Everything ain't adding up, had to stop and do the math, yeah
It's large, but the front... wanted new car... barely touch a massage
Better get the message, I'm the very best of
We are brothers as you can see we are like the dresser
But as times flies baby our wounds heal
See me on the other side, as the mood chills

In the... light becomes the flicker, but gets the melted ice, no more liquor
When the champagnes lost the feels I can really see exactly what it is
When all the... gone nothing but ashes,
The Dj plays the hottest songs in all the clasees
Girl I must have been fooled by my sunglasses
Now that the light is on you're looking on not that attractive
Baby, yeah, and I don't want it, one love
Started off so good, something went wrong, now I gotta move on
Now that my high is coming down I see more... than...
Oh, I've been... over read it baby
Now that my high is coming down I see more... than...
You ain't the one for me

Girl you were the sweetest thing when I got richer
Now you act all different and cold... bitter
Didn't used to carry on about my friends
But now when I'm with them you forgetting I'm on a trip
How did my dream love with an angel become a nightmare that I can't handle
We used to get it... every night now but now the only thing we can... is fight
Baby, and I don't want it, want it,
Started off so good, something went wrong, now I wanna move
Baby, I seem ok,... I could see clearly no, my high is gone
Now that my high is coming down I see more clearly now
You were the one for me

Her body looking official like a... whistle so I think I gotta go
I love it when the booty... upon... and my Gucci gotta go
Cause on a quarter I'm a brawler and you'll be the gang when the woman takes a shot light
She got the attitude but she find myself so I don't give a fuck cause I'm off with a hush
As long as I'll be blowing style with these we're like a paper then I got the power to please
When my heart come down you'll be... find the power to leave
Cause now I see the beauty care lie you wanna it cool when I call the budha man bar back
The only way that I can do the plan right I definitely gotta try and stay superman high
Now the patrol's gone so I discover the soon that I talk to my brothers that I don't
I don't want it, cause I can see them I'm looking so good, as long as I can hit the bone
Now I really don't want you
Now that my high is coming down I see more clearly now
I don't want you back girl, my vision's clear now
Now that my high is coming down I see more clearly now
Thank you man, I see clearly now
You ain't the one for me

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