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Bruce Springsteen – Ain't Got You lyrics

I got a fortune of heaven in diamonds and gold
I got all the bonds baby that the bank could hold
I got houses cross the country honey end to end
And everybody buddy wants to be my friend
Well I got all the riches honey any man every knew
But the only thing I aint got honey I aint got you

I got a house full of rembrandt and priceless art
And all the little girls they wanna tear me apart
When I walk down the street people stop and stare
Well you think I might be thrilled but baby I don't care
Cause I got more good luck honey than old king farouk
But the only thing I aint got baby I aint got you

I got a big diamond watch sittin on my wrist
I try to tempt you baby but you just resist
I made a deal with the devil babe I wont deny
Until I got you in my arms I can't be satisfied

I got a pound of caviar sitting home on ice
I got a fancy foreign car that rides like paradise
I got a hundred pretty women knockin down my door
And folks wanna kiss me I aint even seen before
I been around the world and all across the seven seas
Been paid a kings ransom for doin what comes naturally
But I'm still the biggest fool honey this world ever knew
Cause the only thing I aint got baby I aint got you

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    Bruce had his marriage breaking up at this time. He had always suffered from depression and might not have known how to handle this type of relationship. The album this comes from which includes the songs tunnel of love and brilliant disquise probably are all tied into bruce's inability to relate to the image of his wife versus the reality of the person. His bouts with his father doug planted a deep feeling of deserving nothing. Having things now didn't eradicate the lack of self worth he felt as a teenager.
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