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Brownside – Eastside Drama lyrics

F/ Eazy-E

Rolling in my motherfucking rag-top Chevrolet
Eazy-E headed Eastside, Trece
To kick it with my homeboys, chill
Hit 'em up, C-P-motherfucking-T for real
Rolling down Compton Boulevard
See some bg's selling dope by the school yard
To rep my set I say "What's up"
Eazy-motherfucking-E the og, I gives a fuck
Now I'm in la and I'm flossing
See your bitch I used to fuck
Bust a left at Slauson
At the light, on Hoover make a right
All the way down to 49th
Aw shit, I'm here
Pop the trunk, I got bud and beer
You can't fuck with us, you can't fade it
Cuz the locos I kick it with is straight gang related

Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck
Because there's always drama on the Eastside
Cuz we don't give a fuck

So why don't you tell these motherfuckers what it's really like
On the motherfucking Eastside
Kick that shit

[Toker, Danger and Wicked]
Crazy gang bangers, we don't give a fuck
Bald head, Ben Davis, like my homeboy said
Blue-ragging for the Sur, I ain't down with the red
Crazy motherfuckers from the streets of la
Eastside South Central's where the fuck we stay
Hanging out with the homies, out banging non-stop
Rolling deep like a motherfucker always on the block
Smoking that sherm, tripping out on the high
Fuck these fools up, holding down the Eastside
I can put this on my mom and everything I love
I'ma die for my hood, I'm not no motherfucking punk
I'm a straight gang-banger that don't give a shit
And got a gang of crazy homies that you can't fuck with
Bald head, creased up, got my shit, I'm strapped
Eastside on my stomach, 13 on my back
So run up motherfucker and watch your ass get cold
Ese fucking with the homies just like fucking with the hood
Put a slug in your culo and make this shit understood
Simon, you know how this shit go


[Toker, Danger and Wicked]
South Central, Eastside
Where the Trece ride
We put a strap to your head, fuck a punk drive-by
Back up on the time, we was getting high
Hitting corners on a beach cruiser through the Eastside
Catching fools slipping, where the fuck you from
The motherfuckers run so we c*** and slow as one
Knocking them fools out, shank in the neck
Started tripping on his head and beating on his chest
You slipped and got caught, now you layed to rest
In the streets of the hood we don't give a fuck
I got the quete at my side keeping trucha for the cops
Fuck that loco, I ain't going down
25 with the L, three strikes, I ain't going down
We do what we gotta do and get on
And fuck what they on cuz that's the way that shit's done
In crazy ass Los it's an everyday trip
You gotta watch your back, if not you're gonna get clipped
Fucking crazy ass vatos, pelones, cabrones
Coming at you motherfuckers creeping on the calles homies
Hell yeah, homies going crazy at that wack
You gotta rack these motherfuckers with this crazy ass tat
I'm down with my hood and my crazy ass homies
Real motherfuckers, we don't fuck with phonies
Eastside till I die and the Trece to the grave
I live and I'll die in the streets of la
Kicking back in the hood and we always kick it deep
Holding down and protect and I'll kill for my street
Bang for the gang, and down to bust some time
And don't give a fuck because I'm down for any crime
Fucking fools up and breaking putos down
My homeboys got my back so I done spit twelve rounds
Fuck that ese we don't give a fuck
Eastside till I die
You don't like it?
Run up


Brownside's in the pinche casa, que no homeboy
That's right
Showing putos how it goes and shit like that
Tu sabes
Straight gang-banging, 49th Street is in the pinche casa
Bang bang bang motherfuckers
South Central
What's up Danger
Eastside's how we do it ese
All these fake, wanna-be motherfuckers
Listen to the real crazy loco
213 is in the pinche casa
All the homies from Eastside Trece

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