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Bridgit Mendler – When She Loved Me lyrics

When Somebody Loved Me,
Everything was beautiful
Every Hour Spent together
Lives within my heart

And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy,
So was I

When She Loved Me

Through the summer
And the fall,
We had each other,
That was all

Just she and I together,
Like it was meant to be

And when she was lonely,
I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me

So the years went by,
I stayed the same
She began to drift away,
I was left alone

Still, I waited for the day
When She'd say,
"I will always love you."

Lonely and forgotten,
Never thought she'd look my way

She smiled at me and held me
Just like she used to do

When Somebody Loved Me,
Everything was beautiful
Every Hour Spent together
Lives within my heart

When She Loved Me
Like she Loved Me

When She loved me
When she loved me

La da da,
La, la, la
La, oh

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  • gravityfallsaddict
    This song was in "Toy Story 2" where Jessie sang this song to explain why she believes that humans don't care about their toys anymore once they grow up. According to her story, Jessie was the favorite of her owner, Emily, they spent time together, they were inseparable. But, one day Jessie was accidentally knocked under the bed by Emily and she didn't search for her but at that time she believed that her owner was still looking for her. One day, while looking for old things, Emily saw her. She brought Jessie to the car and rode to the old park where they used to play all the time. Jessie thought she was gonna play with Emily but, instead, Jessie was put in a donation for the needy children. Jessie was heart broken. She was bought by Al, the toy collector after that. She never believed that children would still love toys after growing up that's why she didn't want to go with Woody to Andy because she was afraid that, once Andy grew up, he would be just like Emily. Woody explained to her that Andy was not like Emily, he wouldn't throw her away. After that Jessie became one of Andy's toys.
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