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Brian May – Business lyrics

(Brian May)
Donґt judge me Mama
Donґt tell me that Iґve done wrong
Itґs a hard business
Itґs a hard business
To make it on your own
Donґt judge me Papa
If I canґt handle the things in my head
'Cos itґs a hard business
Such a hard business
Walking on the edge
Iґve got nothing and no-one in my life
So how can I lose again
Got my feet in muddy water
But Iґm gonna find that road again
So Iґll be taking care of business
ґCos I know what Iґm looking for
Iґve been working every hour God gives to man
But I still see the same closed door...
Iґve got nothing but trouble in my life
But I feel Iґve got a lot to give
Every day I try to build a new world
But Iґve had no-one to build it with
Iґve been looking for a woman to share my hopes
And I know I ainґt a patch on you
And Iґve been thinking that a womanґs Godґs gift to man
Are you thinking the same way too...?
So donґt leave me Mama
Donґt make me go on alone
ґCos itґs a hard business
Yes itґs a hard business
Donґt leave me Papa
When my belief in myself is gone
ґCos itґs a hard business
Such a hard business
Tell me itґs a hard business
Being on my own

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