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Brian Head Welch – Flush! lyrics

Barf! Look at
My face
I'm all sucked up
I think I'll sleep all day
I get
The spins when my eyes are shut
I hate feeling this way

All the puke I'm throwing up!
In the toilet this sucks!
Not a part of growing up!
Only spoils it
Life is boring
Same old story
Get drunk, throw up, sleep all day
I am something
I'm not nothing
I can't let myself decay

How did
I get
Into my bed?
I don't remember anything
How did
I get this bump on my head?
It could have come from anything

Tell me no gossip
I don't wanna know
Jimmy got caught
Smelling like beer by his mom and his dad
He's grounded for a year
Lisa got popped
She got a dui
She cussed out the cops
She's lucky she's alive

Tell me no gossip
I don't wanna know
Pedro got jumped
He's always starting fights
Every time he gets drunk
It happens all the time Reggie od'd
From slammin heroin
He's not a dope fiend he was trying to fit in

Take me
Away please
Oh know
Life blows

Come on, get up, let's change!

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