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Breaking Benjamin – So Cold lyrics

Crowded streets all cleared away
One by one
Hollow heroes separate
As they run

You're so cold
Keep your hand in mine
Wise men wonder while
Strong men die

Show me how it ends... It's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
Satisfied and empty inside
Well, that's alright... Let's give this another try

If you find your family, don't you cry
In this land of make-believe, dead and dry

You're so cold, but you feel alive
Lay your hand on me one last time

Show me how it ends... It's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
Satisfied and empty inside
Well, that's alright... Let's give this another try

Show me how it ends... It's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
Satisfied and empty inside
Well, that's alright... Let's give this another try

It's alright

It's alright

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  • Ajax
    The meaning of the lyrics is about a catastrophe occuring and 2 lovers spending their last minutes together. Ben Burley (the band's singer) stated that they were inspired by the movie 28 Days Later (about a rage virus that causes an outbreak in England). The video instead shows a man carrying a big, heavy stone (chained to his hands) in a forest, while a group of people (wearing 19th century clothing) follow. They end up in a swamp with a preacher where the man falls one last time (from the weight) and drowns.
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  • c
    I think the song is describing the Spanish Inquisition. Thousands of innocent people were executed by the Catholic Church, many families were devestated and torn apart. "Crowded streets are cleared away, one by one" describes once thriving populations dwindling due to persecution and prejudice. "Hollow heroes separate, as they run" describes "souless" Jews who resisted Queen Isabel, Archbishop Pedro Gonzales de Mendoza and Pope Sixtus iv's forced conversion efforts. "You're so cold but you feel alive, lay your hand on me one last time" could be describing an imprisoned "Crypto-Jew" who is awaiting torture and execution at the burning stake, speaking to his loved-one who had decided to bow to the Church and convert. The loved one is so cold because giving up one's culture is like losing one's internal flame. "Wise men wonder while strong men die" is describing the "Wise" leaders of the Church and the Monarchy, pondering the actions to be taken, causing strong-willed martyrs of Judaism to die. "Show me how it ends it's alright" describes the sentenced heretics' decision to remain faithful to their god and their beliefs. They are willing martyrs. "Show me how defenseless you really are, satisfied and empty inside, that's alright, let's give this another try" describes the Church's inability to snuff out the existence of the persecuted religions and their steadfast followers. The executors of the Inquisition are satisfied with their evil efforts, believing themselves in control of the people, yet the resistance will always give freedom of belief and expression another try.
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  • b
    I always take songs and look for acoustic/live versions, I think that actually helps understand a lot about a song. And of course we all find our own meanings in any song. But I'd have to go with it having more to do with someone holding onto someone who really isn't there emotionally. One person wanting the relationship, striving for that perfection, but the other content being empty and without emotions or attachment. But still, no matter how cold the other person is, they are willing to keep trying. Of course maybe that is because of my current path I'm traveling, but hey, again, we all find our own meanings, if it's vampires or war. That's all you!
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  • a
    I guess it's because I've just read a lot of novels from the twilight saga this past couple of days, but for some reason when I heard the song again it reminded me of. Err, silly as that sounds, romance between a human and a vampire! You know, lyrics like 'defenseless inside' and 'dried' made me think that, despite the vampire's massive physical strength, he/she is still defenseless inside -- has a vulnerable mind. And the 'so cold' bit could be the cold skin of vampires, something that doesn't scare the singer, because he keeps telling the vampire to touch him again and again. And, um, crowded streets would definitely run if a vampire walked into their midst -- even the ones that bragged about being able to defeat anything (hollow heroes) would run. But that is, of course, a very silly meaning! I just had to post it. *Lol*.
    The other explanation seemed better!
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