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Brandon Menard – Set You Free lyrics

Someone open the door 4x

Someone open the door
So everyone can see
That there's plenty of air to breathe
For everyone you and me
May the music set you free (music set you free) 4x
O, o, o, (may the music set you free)


When I woke up this morning
Someone told me to lookup where the sun go
They told me to have hope
When I'm feeling so low
Even if life looks like a joke now
Everybody is a sinner
Doesn't mean, that you can't redeem
And become another winner,
Become another winner but don't
Go back to a sinner
Cuz any other sinner
Could become another killa
You n me make a deal
Not like a drug dealer
To make your life better
Inside where it matters
And when you fall down
You just have to get up
N build yourself back
Become a little better
Keep a good heart everywhere you go
Every little boy n girl
Will admire your soul
You could touch up a life
That was feelin so low
Become the next role model
Who will know


Can someone please just open the door
So all the people could see
Please just open the door
So all the people can see
See their life
In a better light
So all the people can see, (yeah)



Stop your worries
About tomorrow
Cuz we're gonna
Build a better nation
Stop your worries
About tomorrow
Cuz we're gonna build
A better world for today
(For today, for today)2x
Cuz we're gonna build a better world yeah

O, said don't you worry
Don't you worry, don't you worry
(Build a better world yeah) 2x



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