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Braille – This Year lyrics

This year, it's all about this year right here
This year, it's all about this year right here
This year, it's all about this year right here
This year, it's all about this year right here

My wings are soaring
Spent too many years held down by the forces of
Exhausted with no energy
My box of rhymes filled with many thoughts and memories
Unforgiving those that trespass against me
My character in life to sacrifice against me
No regrets, self relentless on a journey
Another year, another opportunity - yeah.
A new sunrise, a new day to embrace
And make changes in my life, to rest in new stages?
Restoration for my family
We felt the pains of broken-ness, lonliness
I'm hopin this year we can grow from the struggle
I'm holding this pen & expressing my heart
And I gotta show my love with actions
To focus on God and not get distracted

This year, it's all about this year right here (x4)

It's obvious that I'm livin a dream
I try hard to stay awake but it's way too late
So long I've waited, so far away
No man could take away what I'm holding
My salvation, peace, love, and freedom
I've got other things but I know I don't need 'em

I got my family and that's so beautiful
When I write rhymes, each line is crucial
I'm inspired by? butterfly
I'm not lookin at those girls when they passin by
Silly sinacle, you could sit at home
That's a essential though I'm not tryin ta catch next
Drop kick
I got so much on the line
I'm feelin like the paper that I write on, no doubt
I'm keepin God first at being diligent
So no matter what I face I can deal wit it
Tony Stone on the beat and we're doin it...

[Beat change]
This year! It's all about this year right here (x4)
I'll flavor in ya ear wit a message!

This is the Bay ta test for the main event
I speak from the soul, my skintone is irrelevant
Canada to Germany, LA to the East
I did shows in Japan, I'm a travelin man like MosDef
I got ten-thousand of Yen
8 bucks, 5 Euro, keep it live in ya borough or project
I'm on a mission with ambition
Bringin transmission to spiritual transmission
Spread throught the airwaves like a air-raid
Droppin concepts never heard on the airplay
And airborne evolution's takin place
It all starts with you, Mic check 1, 2
Where you at, huh!

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