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Bradley Tatum – Call Of The Wilf lyrics

It's been a long long time
Since I had the chance to prowl
Shit's been going south for me
Since I forgot to Howl

Like the wolf in the pack that had to stay back
Eager and waiting for the chance to attack

Before I was free I belonged to a she
For me she had no use but she thought me pretty
Her heart it was good but she understood
That a caged wild wolf is best freed to the woods

Maybe I will miss her some... But my instincts will overcome.

Fangs like blades that long to tear out meat and fur and say beware
To all who dare to cross my path I warn them with my fanged wrath

Captive living made me ashamed
For I was the great wolf but I lived in chains
I longed to run fast, in the forests vast
Feeding and killing on all that I would catch

Underneath the forests high moon
I howled my hypnotic tune
Not too long had passed before more had joined in too

No wolf hunts like the likes of me
I'm silent and fast with ferocity
Most of my kind rely on packs
Outnumbering prey... Must like to relax

Alpha beast of the forest snow
A claiming howl to the moons glow
Let the packs around all hear
There's a lone wolf now and he's free of fear

Wolves gathered together in battle formation
Pulled in like troops to get information
Packs for attacks all stood against me
Then backed in their tracks before rushing me

It was a battle, blood soaked the snow
Fangs clashed skins then alphas came in
Five packs from the wild and free lands
Attended the meeting to make a plan
Uniting against the foreigner
Who by himself would proudly stand

Then victory came swiftly
A new era then began

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