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Bonnie Raitt – Walking Blues lyrics

Bonnie Raitt Walking Blues Lyrics

I woke up this mornin
Feelin round for my shoes
Know bout at I got these
Old walkin blues

Woke up this mornin
Feelin round oh for my shoes
But you know bout at I got these
Old walkin blues

Lord I feel like blowin my
Woh-old lonesome home
Got up this mornin, my little
Bernice was gone , Lord

I feel like blowoon my
Lonesome home
Well, I got up this mornin
Woh-all I had was gone

Well-ah leave this mornin if I have to
Woh ride the blind ah
I've feel mistreated and I
Don't mind dyin

Levin this mornin ah
I have to ride a blind
Babe, I been mistreated
Baby, I don't mind dyin

Well, some people tell em that the worried
Wblues ain't bad
Worst old feelin I most
Ever had

Some people tell me that these
Old worried, old blues ain't bad
Its the worst old feelin,
I most ever had

She got a
Elgin movement from her head down
To her toes
Break in on a dollar most anywhere
She goes, ooo oooooooooo
To her head down to her toes

Oh honey
Lord, she break in on a dollar
Most anywhere she goes

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