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Bone Gnawer – The Lucky Ones Die First lyrics

Deep within the hills
Of the new Mexican desert
Dwells a family of mutant cannibal freaks
And if you happen to cross onto their land
You may just end up as their next feast

If you're lucky
You'll be the first to die
Or you'll suffer great agony and pain
Watch as your love one gets mutilated
Cut up for dinner for the insane

The lucky ones die first!

Nuclear radiated, twisted and turned
They are results of mankind's mistake
Nightmare creatures from out of hell
Inhuman beasts that breed through rape

If you're lucky
You'll be the first to die
Or you'll end up in their den of sin
You'll become a host to their brood
Unwanted mother to their next of kin

You smell something putrid
When you're fisted by a mutant
Your womb will be twisted and torn
And after nine months of capture
Your life will end it's chapter
Once this hideous thing is born

The lucky ones die first!

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