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Bob Rivers – Back In A US Made Car lyrics

Back In A us Made Car
(Back In The ussr-Beatles)

Used to drive a Honda C-I-V-I-C
Didn't sleep a wink at night
Auto-workers laid-off in Detroit last week
Man it's such a dreadful sight

I'm back in a us made car
You know how lazy we are, boys
Back in a us made car

Power steering, power windows, seats and brakes
It's bigger than the Astrodome
Drive it under 50 or the back-end shakes
God I hope it gets me home

I'm back in a us made car
You know how lazy we are, boys
Back in a us
Back in the Do-Less
Back in a us made car

Those foreign cars really knock me out
They leave Chevettes behind
They cruise right past all the screams and shouts
From gm unemployment li-li

Oh tow that Iacocca monster to my house
You didn't have to twist my arm
It's my patriotic duty to be helping out
Can't let the big three buy the farm

I'm back in us made car
A gallon don't go too far boy
Back in a us made car

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Submitted byjopezz


  • jopezz
    Bob Rivers is the first true internet star. Bob is a radio announcer and producer. None of his material was ever intended to be released, but fans recorded the troupe's songs and traded them on the net, creating a star in a market that never existed.
    Eventually, the production crew released a cd of Twisted Christmas songs, and More Twisted Christmas songs. Those were the two produced for sale.
    All others are bootleg copies of a very funny and talented production crew.
    Bob used the Beatles to shout out about the "patriotic movement" to buy American cars, no matter how badly made they are.
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