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BMC Boyz – U Cant Get Enough lyrics

You can't get enough of it [x5]

You can't get enough of my love and my loving you can't get enough of my kiss and my kissing you can't get enough of my touch and my touchingyou can't get enough of it [x3]


[Verse 1:]
You can't get of me I'm the one that you love to spend time through the weekend give you back rubs you say you want a thug that can come and beat it up drop that lame he ain't nothin but a scrub I'm a come and put it on you I ain't playin no games once I beat it up it will never be the same kiss on ya neck be giving you brain and I'm a beat it up the frame I'm a take control goin slow mo while deep inthe hole let's switch positions you on top ride up and down til I feel you wanna stop got you carmaxin all on my sheets now that's over drop to yo knees I kno you a freak you ain't gotta tell me [x3]


[Verse 2:]
Girl you can't forget how I never put it down so when I come around I'm gone put it down hit you from the back gone turn around I'm a fuck you like a dog have you make a freaky sound turn yo ass over put my tounge in da cat no I don't even get down like that gurantee I fuck til you climax real fast like that got you scratching on my back cause you can't get enough of my sex you telli me you want a thug a real ass nigga who can come and beat it up freak it up til we both get enough and I know you wnt more lil mama stop frontin cause


[Verse 3:]
Girl you can't get enough of me I'm the one that you love don't never forget how a nigga put it down u can't [x5]


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