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Blood For Blood – Wasted Youth Crew lyrics

Everyone yelling randomly only understandable word "fuck"
This one is goin out to all the scumbags
Low lifes and outsiders, my kinda people
Lets gooo
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck society too
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck the world because
My kind, My kind, my kind belongs no where
My kind, My kind, my kind are hated and feared
We all started off with a chance to make our way
Sometimes the world was cold, but we waited for the better days
We've watched the years go by, and nothin seemed to change
We waited and hoped and prayed, as the hard times fell like stinging rain
Well now that hope is gone, somewhere it turned to rage
Hatred, violence, booze and crime, sometimes it seemed the only way (to get by)
Always knew I'd never make it cause I'm twisted in the brain
And I'll tell ya all right now that I'll never live like the ones that made me hate
I know I'm goin no where and I've been on a losing streak
A scumbag zero and anti-hero is what you think of me (and your right)
And I know I'm goin no where and I've been on a losing streak
And low life loser and dead end cruiser are all you think of me (But I say)
Chorus repeat
I'll never fuckin live like you, I'll never fuckin live like you,
I'll put a fuckin bullet in my head before I live like the people I fuckin hate
Fuck you, and fuck your society too
Wasted youth I never had all the chances
Wasted youth I never had no saving grace
Wasted youth Yeah, I made a few mistakes
Wasted youth But how long will I have to say.
Some of you were born into happiness and wealth
But most of us were born into a life of hell
Some of us were lost and some of us were found
But most of us were beaten by life to the ground
Yeah, maybe I'll never see the day I win, but I'll always
Have time for a beer with my friends
Well fight everybody in the world till the end, and if you fuck
Around with us your get your heads kicked in
Chorus.. Repeat

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