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Blatz – Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It) lyrics

Oh, it's a town of fucking fantasy,
Wish i went to ucb
Cause there are thirty thousand stupid kids and they're all brain washed into what they see
It's a college never-never land.
Dropping acid and starting bands,
Super liberal hypocrites, what the hells this hippie shit?
Berkely is my baby sparkling nice and clean. if it's such a mellow place, why do i feel so mean?
Oh, berkeley is my baby and i wanna kill it
Berkeley is my baby and i wanna kill it
Hanging out up telegraph, your waste of money just makes me laugh.
All the stores are just waiting for you to buy their sweaters and drink their brew.
There's a double dose if police to herd the homeless off the streets.
Cops and schools work hand in hand to wipe the deviants from the land.
Berkeley is my baby but i should've aborted it.
Had some doubts in the waiting room but now im stuck with it.
Oh, berkeley is my baby and i wanna kill it, berkeley is my baby and i wanna kill it.
Berkely is my baby but i shouldve aborted it.

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