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Black Omen – Nergal And Ereshkigal lyrics

The controller of summer and heat
To the world of underground hath he come on the command of the Gods
In order to apologize to Ereshkigal,
The queen of the dead and cold

But at last he was seduced by the infernal beauty of her body
And after Nergal left, Ereshkigal cried her eyes out
She got frantic with his love and sent Namtar the herald
To catch and bring him to Hell

In order to be able to hug him again
If he didn't come back, she would resurrect the dead
And they would gnaw the alive
The dead would outnumber the alive

Nergal hath to knuckle under to desires of the Уgreat angerФ
Through the stairway to Hell ascended he from the sky

Beat the guards of 7 gates and reached to the throne saloon
Catching Ereshkigal, he threw her down the throne
By grabbing her hair and dragged her
Ereshkigal, crying, begged for marrying

She would leave him the kingdom of prime lands
She would give him the wisdom tablets
Nergal gave out and embracing his dark lover
Accepted to share his throne with her.a

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