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Bishops – I Know All About Scars lyrics

Verse 1

You've always been there for everyone else.
You've always been brave and strong.
But lately I've noticed that your smile has faded,
And I can tell something is wrong.

I've heard the prayers of those who love you.
I haven't forgotten your pain.
So if you've been searching for someone to talk to,
I promise that I can relate.


Cause I've been broken, I've been betrayed.
I've been rejected, I've felt afraid.
I've cried out to God, "I don't know where you are."
I know the pain you're going through.
And I can more than promise you,
I'll do what it takes to mend your broken heart.
I've been right there where you are.
I know all about scars.

Verse 2

Life can be filled with love and laughter.
It's beauty surrounds us each day.
I used to stand and stare at the sunset.
And I used to watch children play.

But I've known the pain of losing a close friend,
I've heard angry words from my foes.
And still I remember that cross on a hillside.
So take it from someone who knows.

Repeat Chorus


And everything you're feeling now, I've been feeling too.
And I'm the first one to know, now that I'm a part of you.

Repeat Chorus

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