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Bishop Lamont – Goldiggy lyrics

She says she wanna be mine
I'm said she wanna be mine
She says she wanna be mine
... good...
She says she wanna be mine
I'm say she wanna be mine
She say she wanna be mine
... good time

Ooh I want...
Hey boy hey boy let me tell you something
The way she bubble that teen got me... for loving
I ain't no Romeo and she ain't Juliet
But I can shake the spirit and keep that p**sy...
Yeah... real busy on that... shit
... but the fire on that...
Hey I love you when you're breaking down
While you slow p**sy pop down till the ground
I'm a freak I can't help it love
Why you think I'm wasting time on this club
I love from talking love from my... in between
Thick girl this world make... like a brown, like a blue
Like them... you're my freaky girl and my earth angel
Better dance with you take to the tangle
Let it... with you hit from...


Goldiggy goldiggy ah
Oh I goldiggy...

Go girl I wanna see you break it down
Oh girl take it down to the ground
Bring it back girl move your body all around
Back it up for em and try a boy...
Give me that sticky... I love the whole...
See... yes al now

Yeah I met her out... proud
Me lose school... she got a way I am
She tryin to get close yeah... got a plan
She want to get in my pocket no way man
Yes you know... but she was so good
Sex get a... few... keep the... in the hood
... murder she wrote...


It's all about the... long drop your...
She will make a nice...
This girl is a champion girl liga
... seduce with a...
Yeah she's hot like the sun
But lose you I win like...
Appear... attach...

Goldiggy goldiggy ah
Oh I goldiggy diggy diggy...
She's always on the run
She... alone
She loves to... and she loves to ahev fun
Goldiggy goldiggy ah
Oh I goldiggy diggy diggy
I roll diggy...

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