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Bionic Jive – Goodbye lyrics

I sit I'm my room claustrophobic, as I watch the walls breath succumbing to
Self pity, and these voices wont leave. I got a revolver in my hand with
Six chambers and they all full, every bullet contradicts the contemplation
Of suicide. I wanna die. So I sit and clinch my bible until my palms sweat,
And blister, cause I hate my sister. First I'm gonna light a candle in the
Form of a seance, and see the light on the wall reflect all this childhood
Neglect. I cock the hammer, I let the steel touch my tongue and taste the
Metal for the first time, I see the faces of my loved ones, but fuck a
Note, cause when I do it, I want it to be a mystery, and let them feel the
Same pain that I felt, this is the remedy.


Goodbye, sad days, I'd rather sleep my life away goodbye, heartbreak, I
Found my own way, suicide

I get on my knees and say a prayer, I tell god that I can't handle all this
Pressure, I wanna kick it up there. Why should I wanna live? When my mother
Used to molest me in front of my stepfather, she beat me and he undressed
Me, see. He took my manhood before I became a man, so now I sit here at 16
With this gun in my hand. Death is the only way out, the murder of myself
Will show em all the there's a way out, I cry for my soul. Depression has
Taken a toll on my every existence, so when I think of humiliation I can't
Breathe, it's time to leave. Cause I'm gone show what you did, for
Tormenting me as a kid, you raised me, now look what I did

Repeat chorus

I don't wanna die, I wanna breathe again, I don't wanna have to say...

Repeat chorus

My soul is slipping away, I don't wanna leave, not in this way

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