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Bigger And Better Things – The Excitement And Drama lyrics

So this is it, gonna sit around here and call it quits
Pause the play, this game, count me out of it
What's the point in playing when every word she's saying she can cite back in a finger-snap
Like she's heard it all before, or something
She's heard it all before

Oh! This song is hot your not
Whoa-oh, No I'm not just gonna let it out in the same old fashion
Do you pity me yet? Yeah do you pity me yet?

How can I remain confidant that my sorry speech is locked in your head?
Every statement, they've condensed them to retain all your attention.
Common we both know, how that skirt gets to me
Where those legs end, become a mystery.
Call me Sherlock 'cause tonight, you're too hot.

Oh! This song is hot you're not
Whoa- oh! No I'm not just gonna let it out in the same old fashion
Do you pity me yet? Yeah, do you pity me yet?

My closet is spotless 'cause I'm obsessive compulsive
Not a trick in the book can help me stop it, I've lost it
To the point where I'm spewing out none sense in the past tense to add to my hopeless defense
Oh please! Just give it a rest, you did your best to impress all the young guest who attended all of tonight's events
So why are you always head down depressed? It doesn't make any sense, it doesn't make any sense.
I'll turn easy street 90 degrees so Brock East can be as steep as can be
Climb to the top, you'll know where to find me [x4]

Oh! This song is hot...
... Do you pity me yet?

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