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Beyoncé – Bow Down lyrics

I'm at that H town, coming, coming down, I'm coming down
Drippin' candy on the ground
H town, I'm coming down, coming down
Drippin' candy on the ground

I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don't forget it, don't forget it
Respect that, bow down, b-tches

I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don't get it twisted, get it twisted
This my sh-t

Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches

H-town bishes, H-H-town bishes

I'm so crowned, bow, bow down b-tches

I'm at that H town, coming, coming down, I'm coming down
Drippin' candy on the ground
H-H town-town, I'm coming down,
C-C-Coming down, drippin' candy on the ground

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Bow Down meanings

  • d
    Darius Bennett
    Can you guys get off this illuminati crap pls? Cause this is not the first time a woman has said bow down b*****s, hell if I had a dollar for every time a drag queen or arrogant girl said this I'd be rolling in money. She's not saying worship me she's saying, you girls know you wanted to be me stop hating and bow down, it's narcissitic but not satanic. And to be honest she's kinda right as far as female singers go she's one of the top rated in her time, to the point where people call a girl doing it big Beyonce'ing. I will say this it's not her best song especially all that voice filter stuff at he end. But I feel the time people spend looking for the devil in music videos would be much better spent looking for the devil on C-Span.
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  • s
    Shelley Watkins-Taylor
    You are already bowing down. We made it news and now one of Queen bey's worst tracks lyrically and musically is going to go platinum right of social networks. Give me a break. Grown women from inner circles to hood cliques call each other "my Bit--" all the time. Now instead of sending out messages to the real luminators who will be making a mockery of us and this smokescreen (by the way). Black people find another way to rally the village for something that we can't change.(Bey's $$numbers). So quick to call someone Satanic when Chicago, L. A., and Newark/Ny killings at an alltime high. Get out of here. Everytime you sleep with your ex(who's remarried), beat your child for getting bad grades, or cuss your mother out for not lending you some money. That's satanic. Everytime you make excuses for your failures that's satan. What's wrong with high self-esteem. Teaching your kids to be royal-like instead of spoiled by bad information? #Getyomindright. Sheep!
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  • c
    Christina Moe Simmons
    Uhm. Going to be utterly civil here, but a part of the lyrics says "I know when you were little girls, you dream of being in my world, don't forget it, don't forget it". It seems like she's talking about some girls who've repeatedly disrespected her and she's reminding them that they've been through this before.
    I really don't think Beyonce is being narcissistic or "money changed her". She's been rich since Destiny's Child. Why would money change her now, at this point? She's definitely talking about haters, people who try to bring her down: in her world, everything is extreme from fans to nonfans. She's probably venting some anger about some hater or person who disrespected her. That's Beyonce. She sings her emotions. Don't tell me that you never get angry.
    I will admit though that the use of language shocks me a bit, but hey, she's a grown woman.
    Anyway, before you hate so badly (by the way, why are you here if you don't like Beyonce?), maybe we should analyze the song? It's just like when everyone called Keri Hilson "arrogant and conceited" because of "Pretty Girl Rock" and then people started to realize that she was trying to convey a deeper message.
    :) Again, don't mean to be start anything. Just defending my girl! Hahaha :)
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  • m
    Morita Ermee
    I think that as far as Beyonce goes she needs to understand that times are moving on. She was once our Queen B. However there are new players on the field, players who have usurped her. It is time for her to step aside gracefully and allow a new generation to take over instead of telling them to Bow Down. She does need to humble herself. She needs to celebrate the new generation of artists and accept her role in history for paving the way for the hip pop singers of tomorrow.
    Controversial statement- She is like a Madonna that refuses to die or go away. We will always remember her for the music she once created and perhaps from time to time she will probably top the charts again but step aside like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston please! We will still love you and respect you!
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